Tosa Inu - The Samurai Doge



Tosa Inu (土佐) is of Japanese origin, and his rare bloodline comes from a mix of Warrior Dogs. But according to the tale, Tosa Inu came down to Earth inside a giant vessel and was found floating down a river by an old Samurai who raised Tosa to become The Samurai Doge.

Years later, Tosa left his family to fight a band of Oni Inu (鬼犬), demon dogs, on a distant island. And With his mighty sword, Tosa Inu has liberated Japan from its swayed enemies by slaying Shiba and Floki.

As the Samurai Doge has accomplished his purpose on Earth, his next duty is to explore outer space, find where he came from and conquer the universe.

Let's Take Tosa Inu back to his home, so next, to the moon!

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We have decided to keep the supply at 1 Billion tokens, and this is our token distribution - All transactions have a seller fee that will vary over time, the max seller fee is 6% (3% Liquidity, 2% Marketing, 1% Holders):

BurnMarketing WalletPresaleLaunch20%10%35%35%


1st Phase

  • Website

  • Social Media

  • Whitelist

  • Pre-sale

  • Launch

  • Launch AMA

  • Price Bot Set up

  • Promotions

  • Giveaways

2nd Phase

  • Coin Market Cap Application

  • CoinGecko Application

  • AMA

  • PooCoin / Coinzilla Ads

  • Certik Audit

3rd Phase

  • NYC Billboard

  • Cex Application

  • NFT Farming

  • Staking / Lottery

  • Merch

How to buy

  1. DOWNLOAD METAMASK EXTENSION: First, go to the following URL:, and download the extension for google chrome. Once the installation is complete, set up your wallet, and you are set to go. Remember to keep your seed phrase in a secure place and to never share it with any website or individual!

  2. ADD BINANCE SMART CHAIN TO YOUR METAMASK: Once you have set up your wallet on Metamask, you need to add the Binance Smart Chain main network to it. To do this, follow the instructions on the following website:

  3. FUND YOUR WALLET: After having set up the BSC main network in your Metamask wallet, you now need to add funds to be able to acquire Tosa Inu. To do this, you can either buy BNB or BUSD, as it is a Binance Smart Chain token, and these are the Binance Smart Chain main network’s native tokens (you can also use other stable tokens such as USDT).

  4. SWAP FOR TOSA INU: In this step, we recommend the use of PancakeSwap, an exchange that allows users to swap tokens in the BSC main network. To do this, first, you need to visit the URL: to access Pancake’s exchange swap. Then, on the “From” section of PancakeSwap, select the currency that you want to use to acquire Tosa Inu (e.g., BNB), and on the “To” section, click “select a currency”, and enter Tosa Inu token address to find our token. Once you have both tokens set, define your slippage tolerance* and you are ready to swap!